Babu Tarapada

” Ah! Brothers, workers are not beggars, they are the salt of the earth, they are the only people who produce wealth. Wealth consists of the labour imprinted on material substance; and in the absence of workers, where is the labour to come from, which is necessary to create wealth?”

“Organise if you want a Living Wage, Organise if you want to have your working hours reduced, Organise if you desire better treatment from your superior officer, Organise if you want that authorities should consult and consider your opinion on all administrative measures affecting you.”

” Take it from me, Brothers, that petitions and memorials and supplications will count for nothing as long as you do not organise yourselves in a manner to convince the government that you will no longer stand nonsense.”

( Excerpts from the historic Presidential speech of Babu Tarapada Mukherjee, Pioneer of the P and T Trade Union movement at the Lahore Conference of All India( including Burma) Post Office and RMS Union on 9th October 1921. Please remember that he spoke thus when the mighty British were ruling the country. Babu Tarapada was charge-sheeted and dismissed for this speech. The Director General Posts had offered him no action if he apologized. But he refused. Even after dismissal, he continued  leading the movement till his death on 29th September 1929. P and T Trade Union Movement has been led by such stalwarts who had stood their ground for the cause of the workers.)