Kolkata ,September 13th –  Hailing   Com Harkishen Singh Surjeet  as a bright example of  struggle against Communalism  CPI(M) General Secretary Sitarm Yechury  asked  workers to emulate  Com Surjeets’ fight against communalism. Tracing the influence of Martyr Bhagat Singh  and  Gadar Party had on Surjeet , he said that  from his formative years he was against imperialism and communalism . The Concept of Economic freedom as an integral part of the concept of Independence  had dawned on him  following the footsteps of  the martyrs like Bhagat Singh . Punjab and Bengal were the cradle of the extremist wing of Indian Freedom Struggle at that time  He also  highlighted the contribution of Com Surjeet in penning the document on the Soviet flaws during the observation  of the 70Th Annieversary of  October Revolution in 1987 at  Moscow  , his out and out role to thwart the communal politics in the country in 1996 and 2004  when he as the General Secretary of CPI(M) had played a pivotal part  in keeping away  Communal parties from governance . He was  a master  tactician  though he did not have any formal education.  He believed in strengthening the communist movement on one hand by forging independent class struggles  and on the other hand to weaken the ruling party  by weakening them using tactical strength. Right now in the country  the communal forces are gaining ground  and currently the actual control of the  Modi Government is in the hand of the RSS,. In West  Bengal and elsewhere in the country Majority  Communalism is feeding on Minority fundamentalism  and accused the TMC and BJP of matchfixing between them  on issues like Sarada Chit Fund Probe and  Scams like Vyapam  and Modigatewhere several BJP leaders including Scindia , Sushma swaraj and others are involved. Their relation  ( BJP and TMC ) is now a marriage of conveniences  he said  in his Speech . In reply to State Chief Minister  Mamata Banerjees’  comment that ‘she can decimate the Left in One  Minute’,  he said  HItler had tried to do so and it was the  carriers of Red Flag being  led by the Soviet Forces which had demolished the  Hitler’s Forces  and had unfurled the Red flag  in the Reichstag  in Berlin.