Outsourcing/leasing of tower, Optical Fibre Cable opposed

The JAC in its meeting on 04-10-2011 strongly opposed the above outsourcing and addressed a letter to the CMD BSNL on this. A press release was also issued.

Strike preparation in full swing

The preparation for the strike was in full swing. The JAC issued a Circular signed by all the unions. Press releases were issued by the JAC. Many M.P.s were contacted and their support requested.  An Appeal to the Parliament Members were prepared and sent to many MPs. Wall posters were printed and circulated. Campaign meetings were held every where to make the strike successful. In this context, the BSNL Management under the chairmanship of Shri A.K.Garg, Director(HR) held discussions with JAC leaders. All the issues in the strike notice were discussed, but no satisfactory decision was taken by the management. The JAC leaders informed that since no agreement was reached, the strike will take place as decided. Rallies in preparation of the one day strike was organized at SSA/Circle/C.O. levels on 8th December 2015 with good participation. A conciliation meeting held by the CLC on 15-12-2011 could not solve the issues.

One Day Strike on 15th December 2011

The Strike on 15th December 2011 was a great success. Though FNTO did not participate and also issued statement opposing the strike, it did not have any effect.  The strike was participated completely by the workers. The reports from all places indicated that the workers were aware of the serious situation and had come forward to participate in the Strike and save BSNL and its workers. Many Federations/Unions supported and gave solidarity to the struggle of BSNL employees.

25 meetings of the Joint Action Committee was held in 2011 and various issues discussed and struggles organized. (To be continued)