The BJP government seems to be determined to hand over the agricultural and other land to the corporates as a reward for the  liberal donation given to the BJP’s election fund.

Despite the stiff opposition from almost all the opposition parties against the Land Bill which can arbitrarily take over land from the peasants and farmers without their consent for industrial and other uses, the BJP government wants it to be adopted by the house. Well knowing that the bill can not be passed in the Rajya Sabha, it is proposing to hold a joint meeting of the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, where it expects majority. In preparation for the same, the Joint Committee of Both Houses of the parliament is constituted. It is having 30 members with Shri S.S.Ahluwalia, as the Chairperson.

The government is going to face stiff attack not only inside Parliament, but outside also, with crores of farmers / kisans prepared to fightto the last  to keep their source of living.  Whatever argument is raised by the government is not going to convince them.

Government should detract from this anti-farmer move or face the music.