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Com. V.Ramesh, General Secretary, All India Insurance Employees Association, the mighty union of the LIC employees, have extended its support and solidarity to the two days strike of BSNL Employees on 21-22 April 2015 for the Revival of BSNL. We thank AIIEA for the support. The Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations have sought their support in the struggle. The copy of the letter is given below: ALL INDIA INSURANCE EMPLOYEES’ ASSOCIATION LIC BUILDING  SECRETARIAT ROADHYDERABAD  500063 Email: aiieahyd@gmail.com   PRESIDENT:                                                                                                                   Phone: 040-23244595 AMANULLA KHAN GENERAL SECRETARY:


17th April, 2015. To All Zonal General Secretaries & Secretary, Standing Committee (GI)   Dear Comrades, Express Solidarity to BSNL Employees’ Strike BSNL Casual and Contract Workers’ Federation issued strike notice to the BSNL management and DoT for strike on 21 and 22nd April, 2015. The Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations has given call for two days strike during the same days. The strike call is given to “SAVE BSNL, SAVE NATION” andto revive the public sector BSNL.  The employees while deploring the attitude of management/government are demandingto take necessary steps for procuring sufficient equipment to improve the service and paving way for expansion and development of this public sector. Apart from the above demand the employees are also demanding the regularization of left out casual labour and contract workers and implementation of social security measures like EPF, ESI, and Gratuityetc. to these workers. AIIEA while extending its solidarity to the two days strike of BSNL employees on 21st and 22nd April, 2015 urges the BSNL management to respond positively to the demands of the employees. We call upon all our units to extend support to theBSNL employees’ strike rally across the country in coordination with BSNL Unions/Associations. With greetings, Comradely yours, General Secretary.