The Public Sector Banks, including SBI, have written off Rs. 34.409 crore of bad of NPA (bad loans)during financial year 2013-14. This includes one time settlements also. This comes to about 34.05 % of the Non-Performing Assets. In 2012-13, Rs. 27,231 crore were written off.

These bad loans are mainly loans given to the corporates and  big business and not returned. If common people take any loan and is not paid back, coercive measures are taken and the loan got returned. But, when it is the case with the corporates and big business, it is written off. No action is taken against them. Is this justice? One rule for the rich and powerful and another for the common people? This should be exposed.

The Indian Banks Association is denying the demands of the Bank Employees’ Unions for wage revision with adequate fixation stating that there is no money. But they can simply write off Rs. 34,000 crores and similar amount every year, closing the loans of the rich and powerful without getting it back?