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The Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathy Raju has stated that both the Airport Authority of India (AAI) and Pawan Hans Helecopter limited, both PSUs, will be disinvested shortly. The privatisation of Air India is also being considered.

Selling of the family silver has become the main agenda for the Nodi Government. Already the profitable airports like Delhi and Mumbai has been privatised. Aggressive plans were made by the UPA Government to privatise Chennai and Kolkata airports, but because of the general elections it was kept pending. Now the NDA government is planning to privatise not only these two airports, but many more.

The Airports Authority of India which controls the airports will be having only loss-making airports after some time. In the case of Air India, the Civil Aviation Ministers, one after another has been acting on behalf of the private airlines and against Air India to destroy it. And new minister has stated that the loss making Air India needs to be privatised.

Selling the family silver at throwaway prices ! Nothin less. Oppose and defeat these anti-national moves.