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The Rajasthan BJP Government headed by Vasundhara Raje has started amending labour laws to suit the requirements of the employers and the corporates, which heavily curtails the rights of the workers and make them insecure and victims of the employers.
Some of the amendments already made are:
1. Amendment to the Industrial disputes Act to the effect that government’s permission will not be required for retrenchment up to 300 workers. At present, permission is required for retrenchment of 100 or more.
2. At present a union which have got 15% strength of workers will be treated as representative union. But after the amendment it will require 30%.
3. At present Contract Labour Act is applicable to companies with 20 workers. As per the amendment adopted, it will require 50 workers.
4. The factories Act are applicable to the units over 10 workers with power and 20 workers without power. Now the amendment has modified it to 20 and 40, double of the earlier limit.

These are all sharp attacks on the working class and their trade unions. The labour laws are being changed to maximise the profit of the employers and bring in a ‘hire and fire’ policy. Unless this is opposed and defeated the working class will be in dire straits. Labour laws made after sustained struggles by the working class can not be allowed to be changed at the whims and fancies of the government to suit the profit hungry employers.