Yesterday, 6th May 2014, I got the opportunity to visit two border areas of India in Gujarat. One is Koteswar and the other is Lakhpat, which are both on the side of the Arabian Sea. I was accompanied by Coms. M.B.Chaniara, Circle Secretary AIBDPA, Vyas and  Pandey who are also active workers of AIBDPA.

From Koteswar it is only about 30 miles to Karachi in Pakistan across the sea. I was told by our comrades who were with me that some infiltrators have been caught here some time back.

Lakhpat is an old fort and a village inside, which has got a mosque and temple inside. Most of the buildings have been badly damaged or collapsed in the 2001 earthquake and barely there is anybody seen. We climbed one of the checkpost of the old fort, where BSF personnel were on duty. One of them was from Calicut District, which is my place also. The heat was above 45 degree and it was unbearable. The BSF soldiers were on duty for watching the long water border. Since it was low tide, the sea was about two km away, which in high tide will reach the shore.

I was really happy to meet and congratulate the BSF Personnel, who are defending the country. We all thanked them and returned.

Thousands/lakh of such soldiers are defending our country. My Heartfelt greetings and thanks to them.