Dear Comrades and Friends,

As per the decision of the Central Executive Committee of BSNLEU, a Trade Union Class was organised for the leaders and workers at K.G.Bose Bhawan, New Delhi on 7th and 8th of April 2014. I was assigned to take the class on ” History of the Indian Trade Union Movement, with particular reference to the P and T Trade Union Movement”. I took the class which continued for about three and half hours. In fact, the subject needed much more time.

After the class, many comrades came to me, appreciated and suggested that a book be written on the P and T TU movement for the benefit of the new generation. I have been pressed earlier also by many senior leaders and comrades to write a book on the subject. After much thought I have decided to take the stupendous task and challenge. Earlier I have written some articles and small booklets on the subject and had taken classes. But writing a full history is not an easy task. My experiences as a humble worker in the thick of the movement for more than five decades will certainly help me. There are union journals and certain booklets already published on the subject. But a lot have to be studied before preparing a comprehensive book.

Along with the records of the past, the experiences of the living senior comrades and workers are very important. They have to be met for their assistance. That I will do. I request all our comrades to assist me in this regard so that we will be able to produce a full history of the P and T Trade union Movement in India.

With Warm Greetings