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Times move so fast. It is difficult to think that it is 16 years since Com. EMS Namboodiripad, one of the great Communists the world has ever seen, has passed away. Yes, it was on 19th March 1998 that the veteran ideologue and all rounder in the fields of politics, culture, agitations and what not, left us forever.
Born in a rich landlord family, EMS, left all material assets to the Party to start the Party Journal Deshabhimani. At the time as a student in school/college itself he organised the young and fought for the liberation of the Brahmin women who were just like slaves in the interiors of home. He fought with other youngsters like him against the age old anarchic systems like untouchability.
While studying itself he jumped in to the struggle for the independence of the country. There was no looking back afterwards.
As a Congressman, Congress Socialist and then Communist, his contribution to the people and the country is well known. Just like any other communist leader, Com.EMS also faced all attacks, jail, underground etc. from the British first and then by the Congress government in free India.
He became the first Communist Chief Minister, when the Communist Party was elected in the first ever state elections in Kerala in 1957. All the reactionaries, vested interests,communal forces combined together under the leadership of Congress to oust the government, but could not, due to the strong and solid support of the people. In one of the most shameful acts of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, the EMS Government, which brought many progressive and beneficial acts like land reforms, Education etc. was dismissed.
Along with Com.A.K.Gopalan, the firebrand agitator and leader of the toiling masses, and other legends of the communist movement, Com. EMS strengthened the Communist and working class movement specially in kerala and generally all over the country. During his tenure as the General Secretary of the CPI(M), the party rose to great heights in organisation.
Comrade EMS has written continuously for more than half a century on all matters and the same have been published after his death in 100 big volumes by the Party.
I had the good fortune to meet him several times in connection with the organisation of the central government employees and P and T specially. His inaugural speech in the All india Conference of AITE Union Class III at Trivandrum on 1994, focussing the idea that both the intellectual and manual workers should jointly contribute for the growth of the industry and the working class movement is still in our memory. We have put in to practice by organising and conducting struggle of all the sections of workers in the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations, in our own sphere. There are many other instances of his guidance and support to the P and T movement, which I am not mentioning here, for brevity’s sake.
On the 16th death anniversary of this great Communist and Working Class leader, we pay our respectful homage and pledge to follow the revolutionary path shown by him.
Red Salute to Comrade EMS!