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It is almost seven decades after the worst war in history, the II World War, is over. After the defeat of the Germany-Japan-Italy axis forces by the Allied forces under USSR-Britain-US, the war ended. United Nations and a number of international organisations were formed to ensure peace and against another world war.
There is still no authentic account of the armed forces as also civilian population that perished in the II World War. Entire countries were devastated. The Nazi war machinery destroyed everything in its way, looted, and laid bare the landscapes till it was stopped by the USSR.
Even after seven decades, fresh news come about the II World War.Two reports have come in the last few days. one, an 1,800 ton unexploded bomb was found in Dormond a city in Germany. All the 20,000 and more people within 1.5 sq.km was evacuated and the bomb deactivated.
Another news is about the finding of thousands of antiques, paintings of great masters including that of Picasso and Matisse which the German invaders have looted from the lands they have conquered. It was all kept in a darkened secluded room by one octogenarian and were being sold when money was needed.

II World War completely the changed the world in all respects. But the price the humanity had to pay for the same was unimaginable. There should never be such another war!