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World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), the militant organisation of the international working class, of which BSNLEU is also affiliated, has given call to observe 3 October 2013 as “International Action Day” as was also last time. WFTU has called upon all organisations to observe the same by holding rallies, meetings, demonstrations etc. and focussong the demands raised there in. I am giving below the call of the WFTU in full:


“All in the Streets, Oct 3!

DEAR colleagues, militants of the class oriented trade union movement,
Members and friends of the World Federation of Trade Unions,

Trade union organisations in all continents, workers and youth,

The World Federation of Trade Unions appeals to you to join the call for the International Action Day on October 3, 2013. Demonstrations, rallies, strikes, conferences and activities will be organised in all corners of the world.

We join our voices and show our determination in action simultaneously with our brothers and fellow working people around the world, marching militantly for food, water, books, medicine and housing for all.

For the World Federation of Trade Unions, decent life presupposes that these issues of workers and people be resolved. Decent life presupposes that popular masses have stable work, a good salary, good pension, public social security, free and public education. A decent present and future for the new generations is to have stable work connected to their knowledge.

For the reformist trade union movement the slogan about “decent work” is only words; for the WFTU it has a concrete context.

We demand satisfaction of the contemporary basic needs of the world population — a realistic and practicable demand based on the productive abilities of skilled labour force, the wealth producing resources, the natural and mineral wealth, and the scientific and technological development which is continuously expanding.

There is no reason why there should be poverty, imperialist wars, destruction, torment, capitalist exploitation, privatisation of the public property and resources, hospitals and education system. The ruthless greed of the few capitalists for profit and the mechanisms and states that support them will be causing suffering, shortages, high prices and environmental pollution.

These high profits continue to exist and increase during the international capitalist crisis, besides the competition between the individual capitalists or groups, the mergers, the closing of companies and industries, the transfer of the production in other countries with cheaper salaries or non-existing labour rights, the higher exploitation of various parts of the working class and the extreme unemployment in large parts of the world.

It is our future versus their profits!

On October 3, 2013 in every country we march militantly for food, water, medicine, books, and housing for all.

Fight for your rights! Organise in your respective country the activity of your choice and join the international working class struggle!”