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The United States biotech giant Monsanto says it respects people’s rights to express themselves, but that its genetically-modified seeds improve farm productivity and food quality.
The US Senate rejected a bill making it compulsory to label GM foods. Some consumers are worried about possible health risks.
Demonstrations against the company took place in over fifty countries on Saturday. Organisers say two million people took part.
“People have a right to know what they’re eating, most people do think that they have the right, but those rights will never be upheld as long as corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money to influence the outcomes of elections,” said one protesters in Kansas.
“They have no right to mess with our food, you don’t turn food into a lab experiment,” added another.
The ‘March Against Monsanto’ Movement was started in February.
There are also arguments that genetically-modified crops can harm the environment. (Courtsey: Ganashakti)