Whatever critics may say, Anna Hazare has been able to make a change in the situation. The peoples wrath against corruption has been channelised and as a result the Parliament has reached a consensus on certain important issues connected with tackling corruption. The people are fed up with corruption which hazzles them at each and every moment of their life. Corruption has become a part of life and the maximum sufferers are the people at the lowest strata. That is why the Anna movement got such a massive support. The Parliament has understood that to ignore such a mass movement will be dangerous. And it is good that a consensus has reached on the major issues.

The ruling party, Congress, has utterly failed and bungled at each and every stage dealing with the Anna fast. That may cost them in future.
Now the question is what will be the final decision of the Parliament after getting the recommendations of the Standing Committee? Let the government keep its words, otherwise further struggle will certainly start.