Baba Ramdev has started his fast at Ramlila maidan today against corruption. Thousands of his followers are participating in it in the well arranged pandal. But some of the media has termed it as five star fast. Congress has stated that it is a political game of the BJP/RSS. Anna Hazare supported the fast, but today he has stated that he will come to Delhi and see whether it is a five star fast.
Central Government succumbed to the threat of fast and four cabinet ministers including Pranab Mukherjee went to the airport to receive Baba Ramdev to dissuade him from starting the fast. The government also says that it has agreed to most of the demands raised by Baba Ramdev. At the same time congress party is ridiculing the fast.
What is cooking is not clear. Let us wait. But there is not doubt that the huge scams and corruption coming one after another have to be exposed, enquired and the the guilty given maximum penalty for cheating the country and the people.