The 2G scam has exposed the Pandoras Box. Corruption, violation of rules, bribing by private companies, irregular transactions, violation of security concerns, hoarding of crore of rupees in foreign banks, evading tax – there is no limit to what is involved in the telecom sector. The private companies have been thriving with the connivance of the corrupt politicians and bureacrats fully supported by the Government of India. And BSNL and MTNL were being accused of not coming up to the mark. The PSUs have to be transparent, law abiding and straight forward in all its transactions, while the private companies can violate all rules and regulations,
Almost all the private telcos are involved and many officers of these companies are in custody. They include Reliance, Swan, Unitech etc. Now it is reported Tata and Idea are also involved. Is there any major private telco which is not tainted?