I have toured almost al the circles and have discussions with the circle leaders about the ground situation with regard to the membership verification. There is a very positive support for the BSNLEU / United Forum with the very good settlement of the wage revision and the Promotion Policy implemented. The hundreds of other settlements and achievements during the last six years of recognition of BSNLEU have also enthusiased the workers.

On the basis of the reports an assessment has been mad by me. According to this, BSNLEU / United Forum will get more than 1,30,000 votes while NFTE may reach 60,000 and FNTO 15,000. Other unions may get some votes and there will be about 5% who may not be casting their votes. This shows that even though 18,000 voters have been reduced, still BSNLEU will get more than last time.

A very good position for the United Forum.! BSNLEU will be elected with good majority once again!