During every organisation tour of Kolkata, I have been meeting one comrade who can be seen moving here and there with the help of  crutches. His onle leg has been amputed below the knee, but he manages to attend every activity with committment to the work. Today, 31st December 2010, when I was to go to the Airport from the Inspection Quarters Salt Lake, in the early morning, he came up to the second floor mounting the stairs with the help of crutches. He accompanied me to the Airport also. He seemed to be full of energy despite his disability . On the way I asked him what happened to his leg.He told me the story.

His name is Asok Sen Gupta and at present is the District Secretary of BSNLEU Bidhan Nagar and the Circle Organnising Secretary of Kolkata Telephones. He started as a DRM in 1977 and after regularisation was promoted as a Telecom Mechanic in 1997.  He is working in the stores, Salt Lake exchange, at present.

The horrible incident happened on 14th March 1986. A group of Congress goondas came and attacked him and some other comrades with out any provocation when they were walking in the streets. The only reason was that they were not supporting the congress. His leg was chopped off with a sword like weapon. Despite the fact that the Left front was ruling, the congress hoodlums continued their nefarious attacks on the progressive section of workers. He was taken to the hospital and had to be there for about some months after amputation of the leg.

Despite the fact that Com. Asok Sen Gupta Sen can walk only on crutches, he continues to lead the union with determination and committment. Thousands of such commited comrades have strengthened the BSNLEU to its present position. I salute them.

In W.Bengal, the Trinamul Congress continues this legacy of goondaism and crime which   was started by Congress in 1970s. I am sure that the people of W.Bengal will give suitablle reply to these atrocities.