This corrupt and unjust system to be changed

Contract workers are ruthlessly being exploited. A Data  Entry Operator is being paid a monthly wage of Rs.7,000; a Lift Operator Rs.5,000 and a 24 hours
House Keeping Worker Rs.4,000.They are eligible  about double the amount as per Gazette Notification by Labour Ministry.
What is happening in BSNL? Why BSNL is not ensuring Minimum Wage to its contract workers? Is the Principal Employer, BSNL,  sleeping, or feigning sleep? Wake up BSNL Management and ensure justice to these low paid workers!

SAVE BSNL, SAVE INDIA – How to maintain a Garden?

I was at Sambalpur to attend the Circle Conference of BSNL Casual & Contract Workers Federation, Odisha Circle. I was staying in the IQ of Telephone Bhawan. As usual, when I started to go for morning walk, I saw that a person about 50 years of age was cleaning the garden at the very early morning. He was doing the work alone with full concentration. He completely cleaned, then started planting some seeds of flowers as also some small plants. Then he watered the plants. I was very happy to watch the process which he was doing meticulously. After a few minutes, I called him and conveyed my appreciation. He was happy that his work has been appreciated.
If we all do our entrusted work with such concentration and sincereity, I am sure, we will be able to provide excellent service to the customers.

BSNLCCWF Circle Confrence Odisha

The open session of BSNLCCWF Odisha Circle Conference was held at the CGM BSNL office premises, Sambalpur on 30 January 2015. Com.Janardhan Patti, Circle President, presided. About 200 comrades participated.Circle Secretary, Com.Sahdev Biswal and Reception Committee Cairman welcomed all the participants.
Coms.VAN Namboodiri, All India President BSNLCCWF, Animesh Mishra, Vice- President, BSNLEU, Tapas Ghosh, General Secretary, BSNLCCWF, PR Das, Circle President, BSNLEU, Com.S.R.Das, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, Suresh Panigrahi, Vice-President, BSNLCCWF and other leaders addressed. The issues of casual contract labours, Save BSNL Campaign and the tasks of the trade unions were all focussed.
The Conference started in the morning presided over by Com. Janardhan Pati Circle President. The union flag was hoisted by Com. VAN Namboodiri All India President. All participants paid homage the martyrs. Leaders of CITU, HMS also addressed.
The Conference unanimously elected office bearers with Coms. Janardhan Pati as President and Biswanath Behera as Circle Secretary.

Silence is Golden when in trouble – Manmohan and Modi Style

Former Prime Ministet Manmohan Singh and present Prime Minister Narendra Modi differ on many counts, which are  well known.
But they have got a striking resemblance on one important point. Both of them are expert im keeping stoic silence when it is inconvenient for them to answer. Manmohan kept silent on Coal Scam. Now Modi is keeping silent on US President Obama’s last speech in India in which the caste system and communalisation has been severely criticised.
Remember the old saying: Silence is Golden.

SAVE BSNL, SAVE INDIA – Did you meet your Member of Parliament ?

The Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations has called upon all the SSA/Circle Forum leaders to meet the Member of Parliament of that constituency, submit a copy of the letter of Forum and request him/ her to  take up the BSNL issue with the Government. The Convener, All India Forum has sent the letter to about 100 MPs by post along with a copy of the book detailing the entire issue. Now that the Parliament is not in session, most of the MPs are in their constituencies. If you have not already visited, meet the MP, hand over the letter and ask to take up the case.
This is to be treated as IMMEDIATE. After the meeting, intimate All India Convener/General Secretary/Circle Secretary about the same without fail. VAN Namboodiri Convener Forum.

Coffee twice, Thanks

Today I had a welcome surprise.
To attend the BSNLCCWF Circle Conference at Sambalpur, I was in Air India flight today morning which started for Bhubaneswar from Delhi. I was sleepy having to wake up at 03.30 and starting for Airport.
The flight was not full with some seats vacant. The breakfast was Upma and Vada, which was tasty. Coffee was also served. I had just completed drinking coffee when the middle aged steward came and offered coffee. I said I had got coffee. He smiled and told me, ‘you can have one more.’
I was thinking that he did not know I had coffee. Well he knew. He was offering me the  second time. I gladly accepted. He went, but came back and offered sugar and milk. I took milk powder and put in the coffee. I thanked him.
Even if coffee was balance, he need not have offered me. It was that he wanted to serve his guests better.
This was a good experience. I have seen the same hospitality earlier also; some Air-hostesses giving sweets to the children and caring for them.
I am impressed.
BSNL employees can also become more caring and helping to customers. This will give the correct message.

SAVE BSNL, SAVE INDIA – Good Morning / Thank You

The above two words are magic. If you use it more times, you get more smiles, you get more customers, more friends.

When dealing with customers, welcome them with a smile and a Good Morning/ Good Afternoon/Good Evening/Namaste! They will be happy, they will feel they are welcome. It is the starting point. And deal with them cordially and ensure that their requirements are met to the maximum possible.
When the transaction is over,  a Thank You will be suitable.
The staff of Air India, State Bank, LIC and other PSUs are practising this courtsey very effectively. Whenever such courtsies are offered to me, I feel elated and that I am welcome. This will be true to most people.
There is nothing to lose by offering Greetings with a Smile; but a lot to gain for you and your organisation.
I know that most BSNL employees are already practicing the above. Let others also start this welcome habit.
Thank you my friends!

Selling Family Silver – Selling of 10% share of Coal India will get Rs. 24,000 crore for Govt.


NEW DELHI: The government will sell up to 10 per cent stake in the blue chip Coal India Ltd (CIL) through offer for sale on Friday and is expected to mop up around Rs 24,000 crore at current market price.

“The (CIL share) sale shall…commence on January 30 and shall close on the same date at 3.30 pm,” CIL said a stock exchange filing. The offer will have 20 per cent reservation for retail investors.

The floor price for the stake sale would be announced tomorrow after the close of market hours. (Courtesy: TOI)


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