The AIC of BSNLEU is being held in the Kolkata Alipore Telecom Factory premises. This factory is the first Telecom Factory in India. It was started in 1855 to repair the telegraph equipment and was called P and T Workshop. The Telegraph Services started in India in 1851 and consequently the P and T Workshop also started for manufacture of telegraph equipment. After the telephones services started, telephone equipment were also produced.

The second Factory was started in the 1940s when the II World War started and there was a possibility that Calcutta will be attacked by the Japanese. So,a portion of the Alipore factory was shifted to Jabalpore, in the centre of the country. Later, TFs were started at Bombay, Gopalpur, Kharagpur, Bhilai and Richai. But the mother of all TFs is still Alipore Factory.

There are industrial and Non-industrial workers in Telecom Factories. The manufacturing workers are industrial, the clerical etc. are non-industrial. The industrial workers were more and in all factories, there were about 2000- 3000 industrial workers. In addition, there were a large number of Industrial workers in the Telecom Stores, Calcutta. Due to non-recruitment for years together, the number of workers have been reduced drastically.

A separate union existed called P and T Industrial Workers Union for the industrial workers in these TFs. At the time of the All India Conference of the AITEU Class III, the AIC of the TF also will be held.Com. Sisir Bhattacharjee, the veteran leader of the P and T workers and the first Patron of BSNLEU, was the General Secretary of the P and T Industrial Workers Union, till it merged with BSNLEU.

For the workers in Telecom Factories, there are three Circle unions viz. Kolkata, Jabalpur and Mumbai. In addition, there is a circle for telecom Stores.

The workers of TF Calcutta has a great tradition of struggle. As narrated by Com. Sisir Bhattachajee to me on an earlier occasion, it was the thousands of TF workers who marched to the PMG Office Calcutta in the 1950s and compelled the British Government to grant the Festival Allowance for the P and T Employees as in the case of Railway Employees. It was under the leadership of Com.K.G.Bose and Com. Sisir Bhattacharjee, this struggle was organised. Com. K.G. Bose is no more, but Com. Sisir Bhattacharjee is still with us and is the Chairman of the Reception Committee of the AIC. We all will be getting a chance to meet him and hear his speech in the AIC.

Thus it is at this great heritage of Trade Union history that thousands of telecom workers are meeting in the VII AIC of BSNL Employees Union.

Arun Jaitely also criticises CAG

Former Finance minister P. Chidambaram as also former Communications Minister Kapil Sibal has criticised the CAG for exposing the corruption in the 2G and Coal scams. At that time BJP was effectively utilising these exposures and used it for election campaign.
Now the new Finance Minister in the NDA government, Arun Jaitely also has started advising and threatening the CAG.
Those who are in power are really afraid of CAG and their reports.

National Convention by JCM Staff Side on 11th December 2014 at New Delhi



Staff Side of the Joint Consultative Machinery of Central Government Employees has decided to organise a National convention at New Delhi on 11th December 2014. The decision has been taken in view of the delay in the submission of the Pay Commission Report, on the issue of Interim relief, DA Merger etc.

The Convention will be attended by delegates from organisations in Railways, Defence and other central government employees.

It is expected that certain agitational programmes will be carved out in the Convention.

Re-elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff moves fast with her plans for economic recovery.



Newly re-elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has said she would soon be announcing measures for economic recovery and to strengthen the fight against inflation, but not before holding an extensive discussion with all sectors.
In her first public appearance a day after her re-election, the head of state told two television channels on Monday that she would attend to her voters’ appeals for change but that, first, she would discuss these with all parties, including the opposition.
Ms. Rousseff was re-elected Sunday with 51 percent of the votes. Her opponent, social democrat Aecio Neves garnered 49 percent. “I am not going to wait for the end of the first term to launch the actions necessary to transform and improve the growth of the economy,” said the President in a reference to the low growth rates and high inflation in the country (Courtesy : Ganashakti )

627 names of account holders in foreign banks submitted to SC by Government



After the severe rap by the Supreme Court against the Government yesterday in not intimating the names of the account holders in foreign banks, the Attorney General submitted names of 627 account holders to the supreme court in a sealed cover today.

This new development is good.Now it is for the Supreme Court to decide whether to release the same or not. Now the government can not hold back the names any further.

AIC of BSNLEU at Kolkata – IV


Com. Mihir Dasgupta, former AGS BSNLEU and President of Kolkata Circle Union has given the following Comments to the earlier post on AIC of BSNLEU, which I am reproducing below:

“I wanted to post a comment on the item 7th All India Conference of BSNLEU – 3 in your blog, but failed due to unknown reason. So, I am sending my comment as under through this medium:

“Even prior to the Thiruvanantapuram AIC, Report of Activities and other materials including pamphlets and posters were printed at Kolkata itself during the Extended CEC Meeting held in the month of November 2008. It is needless to mention that such Extended CEC meeting of BSNLEU is as big as an All India Conference of many big All India Unions. Actually, we in the BSNLEU started distant printing of materials clubbing together modern communication and printing technologies from Kolkata Extended CEC in the year 2008.”

What Com. Mihirdas Gupta has stated is correct. Though we started distant printing for AIC Report and materials from Thiruvnanthapuram AIC, we have already started it earlier at Kolkata Extended CEC. I am thankful to Com. Mihir Dasgupta for reminding me of the same.

This comment shows two things. One is that comrades are reading the blog in detail and takes time to make the records right.
Secondly, most of our comrades, even after retirement continues in touch with the union activities and are there to help the organisation at any time. We have got thousands of such leaders and active comrades who are watching us and supporting us. This is not a small matter. How many organisations have got such large number of committed comrades. When we go to any place we can meet such comrades, who have dedicated their entire lives to the organisation and the workers.
In this connection, I remembered a recent incident. At the AIBDPA Circle Conference at Mangalore, I had the opportunity to meet Com. Harischandra Rao, who was the Circle Secretary of E.III union , Karnataka, earlier. He contested against the nominee of Com.O.P.Gupta and won the election to the great disappointment of OPG. At the All India Conferences, we used to fight against the wrong polices of Gupta together. When we met, we shared about the old times. He is still in constant touch with the union. Many such excellent comrades we have got.

The comment by Com. Mihir Dasgupta reminded me of the old times and the commitment of our workers. Thank you Com. Mihir Dasgupta !

Black Money – SC directs Government to share the names with the court


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In a big set back to the NDA government, the Supreme Court today directed the government to share by tomorrow the names of all Indians with foreign bank accounts.

The government was dilly-dallying without giving the names of the black money account holders. The SC has correctly censured the government.

Both the ruling parties will have skeletons in the cup board. Let all this tumble upon the floor. The BJP, which was shouting from the hill top that if they are elected they will publish the names of black money holders as also that the unaccounted money will be brought back to India is backing out in the name of treaties etc.
The SC direction is fully justified.

Bank Employees Strike on 12th November 2014


The United Forum of Bank Employees has called upon the Bank employees to go on one day strike on 12th November demanding early wage revision. While the Bank Managements have offered 11.5 % fixation, the workers are not ready to accept the same. They demand the 17.5% fixation, which was given last year.

The Managements are expressing their inability to increase the % stating that they are in loss due to the huge NPA (Non-Performing Assets ie. bad loans). Who is responsible for the same. The bad loans are given by the management and workers are asked to suffer for the same. The strike is fully justified. Our full support and solidarity to the Bank Employees.

Railway Workers oppose Privatisation


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In a strongly worded statement, AIRF Secretary General Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra has condemned the move of the NDA government to bring FDI and privatise the Railways and threatened joint struggles by all railway unions, if the government moves ahead with the privatisation.

Com. Mishra pointed out that throughout the world, wherever railways privatisation has taken place, it has jeopardized the system. He demanded the government to drop its proposals for FDI and privatisation.

In case the government moves with its proposals strike will be organised, he stated.

Decisions of the Forum Meeting on 28-10-2014


Decisions taken in the meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations held on 28th October 2014.
A meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations was held on 28th October 2014 and the following decisions were taken after detailed discussion.
1. The Forum decided to call for Indefinite Strike w.e.f. 3rd February 2015 againt the anti- BSNL policies of the government and on the demands raised in the Memorandum adopted in the National Convention on 3rd August 2013 and also against the Deloittee committee recommendations, formation of tower company, Merger of BSNL and MTNL etc.
2. A Demands Day should be organised in December 2014, 3 days dharna in January 2015 and one week massive campaign, before the strike.
3. Maximum propaganda should be organised among the workers and the public, meet the Members of Parliament and explain the demands of the workers, organise signature campaign etc.
4. A meeting of the Core Committee of Forum will beheld on 12th November, followed by a meeting of the Forum on 13th November 2014 to finalise the Memorandum, dates of the agitational programmes and other connected matters.


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