Cities upgraded for CG Employees – Case to be taken for BSNL and other PSUs



The Central government has issued orders today, 30th May 2015 upgrading certain cities from Z class (10% HRA) to Y class (20%) and two cities from Y class to X class (30% HRA)  for payment of HRA to Central Government employees. A few cities have been upgraded for increase in Transport Allowance ( cities with more than 20 lakh population). These up-gradations are based on the 2011 census.

This order will not be directly applicable to PSUs. The issue will have to be taken up with DPE for getting implemented to the PSU employees including BSNL employees. While the criteria is population only for the PSU employees, in the case of CG employees, there some other considerations also like Urban Agglomeration.

Cities Upgraded for HRA for Central Government Employees



The following cities have been upgraded by the Government of India for grant of HRA to the Central government officials working in those cities as per orders issued on 30th May 2015. Congratulations to CG Employees. Case should be taken for grant of the same to the PSUs, State Government employees etc.

Cities/towns to be upgraded on the basis of census-2011 for grant of House Rent Allowance

Cities to be upgraded/re-classified as “X” ( will get 30% HRA)


Pune (UA)


Cities to be upgraded/re-classified as “Y”( will get 20% HRA)

Nellore (UA)

Gurgaon (UA)

Bokaro Steel City (UA)

Gulbarga (UA)

lbarga (UA)

Thrissur (UA)

Malappuram (UA)


Kollam (UA)

Ujjain (M. Coprn.)

Vasai-Virar City (M. Corpn.)

Malegaon (UA)

Nanded-Waghala (M.Corp.)

Sangli (UA)

Raurkela (UA)

Ajmer (UA)

Erode (UA)

Noida (CT)

Firozabad (NPP)

Jhansi (UA)

Siliguri (UA)

Durgapur (UA)


Cities/towns to be upgraded on the basis of census-2011 for grant of Transport Allowance

Cities to be added for higher rates of Transport Allowance (i.e. which have population of more than 20 lakh to qualify for earlier classification as “A-1”/ “A” as stipulated in O.M. No. 21(2)/2008-E.II(B) dated 29.8.2008):


Patna (UA)

Kochi (UA)

Indore (UA)

Coimbatore (UA)

Ghaziabad (UA)

Why not one Ordinance on OROP, Mr. PM?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated today that the Government is committed to implement One Rank One Pension (OROP). Well and good. But when are you going to implement? It is already one year. On Land Acqusition, you have already issued three ordinances, against strong protest from the farmers and opposition parties.

Why can’t you issue one Ordinance for OROP, which is supported by the Govt. as well as opposition and which both UPA and NDA governments had assured?

Do not cheat the veterans who had defended the Nation.

HMT Watch and other 4 PSUs to be closed


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Modi Government is determined to finish the PSUs. The latest is that it has decided to close 5 PSUs viz. HMT Watch, HMT Chinar Watch, HMT Bearing, Thungabhadra Steel and Hindustan Cables. It is expected by the government to get Rs. 22,000 crore from the sale, while the cost, including VRS etc. will be around Rs. 1,400 crore.

These companies are situated in the heart of the cities, have a lot of land and building assets in addition to the infrastructure. Since these are treated as sick companies, the sale will be done just like distress sale, meaning that the companies may be handed over for a meagre price compared to its assets as has been sold in the earlier NDA regime companies like VSNL, Centaur Hotel and others.


45 years of CITU – Militant struggles for advancement of workers



Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), the militant organisation of the Indian working class completes 45 years of its existence on 30th May 2015. Founded on 30th May 1970 at the Calcutta All India Conference, parting from the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), which was treading the revisionist path, the new organisation struggled forward  against the attack both from the government as well as from the parent organisation.

As stated above, CITU was formed in the All India Conference held t Calcutta from 28th to 31st May 1970. Com. B.T.Ranadive and Com. P.Ramamoorthy were the first President and General Secretary, respectively. During the last 45 years the posts of President / Secretary have been held by veteran trade union leaders like Samar Mukherjee, E.Balanandan, M.K.Pandhe, Chittabrata Majumdar and Mohd. Amin. The present President is Com. A.K.Padmanabhan and General Secretary  Com. Tapan Sen. All these  leaders were / are  top leaders of the  CPI(M).

I feel honoured to remember that I could meet all these leaders, get their guidance in the union activities and also had/have  a person to person relation, except Com. P.Ramamoorthy, with whom I have met only a few times at the time of All India Conventions held at New Delhi.

CITU has taken the initiative for uniting the working class and bringing all the 11 Central Trade Unions in India together on the demands of the workers and to fight joint struggles. The latest is the call of the CTUs for a one day general strike on 2nd September 2015.

On this 45th anniversary of the CITU, let us pledge to continue the struggles for the emancipation of the toiling masses and for a better world for the working class.


Contract Workers (construction) on Strike from 1st June In Jammu and Kashmir



The construction workers of Jammu & Kashmir working in organized and unorganized sector will go on one day National Strike  on 1st June, 2015 on the call given by Construction Workers Federation Of India (CWFI) affiliated with CITU for the demands such as proper implementation of All India Building and Construction Workers Act in all states, Enroll all the Construction Workers, Brick kiln workers, quarry workers, and stone Crushing Workers, in state welfare Board, Ensure representation for CITU in Tripartite State Welfare Boards, Increase the existing welfare benefits substantially, No diversion of board funds to other purpose, increase pension to Rs. 2000/- per month and reduce age of pension eligibility for women to 55 years, allotment of more funds for infrastructure and development works by both the governments, do not liberalize FDI in construction sector, Govt. should take steps to reduce the prices of construction materials like cement, steel, paints etc., Ensure housing for construction workers, Implement RSBY and increase the limit of medical benefit from Rs. 30,000/-, All India Identity Cards (Smart Cards) to be issued to the migrant workers, Minimum wages for unskilled workers Rs. 15000/-, Registration of worker within a week, early disposal of all claims of registered workers, Stop corruption in welfare board. It was decided in a meeting of state committee of CITU presided over by Sham Prasad Kesar, Sr. Leader of CITU  held at 27-A Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, other attended the meeting were Om Prakash, General Secretary, Jagdish Sharma, Ramesh Chand, Raj Kumar etc.

Implement Food Security Act – CPI(M)



New Delhi, May 29: The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:

The Polit Bureau strongly condemns the deliberate negligence of the Modi Government towards implementing and improving the Food Security Act and its expansion to ensure food security as well as nourishment to all Indians. This is all the more urgent in the light of the 2015 FAO report on the State of Food Insecurity. Although the methods used by FAO are a gross underestimation of the extent of malnourishment and hunger, even this report is a damning indictment of the claims made both under the UPA and now under the Modi Government as today India has the largest numbers of undernourished people in the world.

In the last year under the Modi Government (2014-2015 and estimates for 2016) the report estimates that the total number of people undernourished in India has gone up from 189.9 million (2012) to 194.6 million.

As a proportion of the population, the decline is significantly lower in the last year just 0.4 percentage points as compared to five percentage points between 2010-2012. In other words, the situation has worsened under the Modi Government.

The Modi Government should stop its false claims of being pro-poor and take immediate action to ensure universal coverage of the public distribution system with an expanded list of cheap rations including a minimum of 35 kg of food grains per family at a maximum of two rupees per kilo.

Five Day week – A genuine right of workers

Five Days Week is the system in most of the European countries and developed world. In the metro cities, it has started in many MNCs and private cocerns. In New Delhi, the central govt. offices function 5 days.
In the present scenario of things, 2 days are necessary in a week to look after family affairs and connected matters.

In this situation, the agreement in the banking sector granting 2nd and 4th Saturdays as holidays are much welcome. This is a step towards Five Days Week.

One Rank One Pension – Again only assurance

Shaken by the strong protest of war veterans, the government has assured that One Rank One Pension will be implemented with out further delay. Was the government sleeping after giving earlier assurance?
Do not ignore the Pensioners. They are a force to be reckoned with.
Once OROP is granted for army pensioners, the demand of civil pensioners for the same benefit will get momentum and strength.

Full Diplomatic Relations between US and Cuba within a short time – US Senator


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A US senator, Sen Tom Udall, leading a delegation to Cuba has predicted that US and Cuba are just weeks away from full diplomatic relations.

This is good news. Let us hope that the diplomatic  relations be restored at the earliest. The economic blockade and the breaking of the diplomatic relations have caused much harm, especially to Socialist Cuba. A positive change is required.


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