EPFO will put Rs.5,000 crore in share markets

Despite strong opposition from the trade unions, the EPFO will be putting Rs.5,000 crore of its funds in the market. This step will put to risk the hard-earned money of the workers in the highly fluctating and risky market.
As per statement of Central EPF Commissioner, this will be done in a function to be held at Mumbai on 6th August 2015.
We strongly oppose this decision which is putting the EPF in risk.

Another Olympics in Beijing – It is 2022 Winter Olympics



The International Olympic Committee in its meeting held at Kuala Lumpur has awarded the 2022 Winter Olympics to Beijing. It is for the first time that both the Summer and Winter Olympics have been awarded to be held at the same place. The Summer Olympics was hosted by Beijing, the Chinese Capital, in 2008.

The Communist China is not only improving its financial and business status in the world, but  its organisational status also.  Just compare with the inept conduct of the Common Wealth Games in Delhi and the huge corruption connected with it.

Call Drops – Audit of telecom companies ordered – Communications Minister


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The Department of Telecom will undertake special audit to assess the coverage and quality of service of all mobile operators in the metro cities to assess the gravity of problem to call drops. This was stated in a written reply given in the Parliament by the Minister of Communications Ravi Shankar Prasad.

“The TERM cells (field unit of DoT) have been asked to take up the special audit to assess the coverage/quality of service in metro/capital cities of all mobile operators network in order to assess the gravity of problem of call drops,”  the Communications  Minister stated.

There has been several complaints of call drops, especially in the metro cities. Many MPs had also raised the issue in the Parliament.

Though the call drops of BSNL is stated to be less than others, it also will have to seriously look in to the matter and ensure for a better service, which will attract more customers.


The  All India Convention of Central Govt Pensioners  started at Com.Sundarayya Vinjana Kendram, Hyderabad  on 31st August 2015.

Com.A.K.Padmanabhan,President,CITU, inaugurated the Convention with an elaborate and enthusiastic speech.
Com.D.V.Dhaktod, Vice President,NCCPA presided. A large number of delegates from all over India, from the various Central Pensioners’ Organisations are participating. From AIBDPA, General Secretary Com. K.G.Jayaraj and many other senior leaders are attending the Convention.




Modified parity to Pensioners – Orders issued


All attempts of the central government to deny  modified parity from 01-01-2006 having been failed ,the government has issued the orders on 30th July,2015 in this regard. The operative portion of the orders No.38/37/08-P&PW by the Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare is given below;

“In compliance with the above judicial pronouncements,it ha been decided that the pension/ family pension of all pensioners/ family pensioners may be revised in accordance with the Department OM No.38/37/08-P & PW(A) dated 28-01-2013 with effect from 01-01-2006 in stead of 24-09-2012.”

Congratulations to the sustained efforts of the Pensioners  Organisations, including NCCPA and AIBDPA, which compelled the government to issue the required orders!

BJP Govt. approves 49% FPI in Multi-brand Retail



In a complete U-turn from its earlier position, the BJP Government has decided to approve up to 49% FDI in multi-brand retail, which it has strongly opposed while it was in opposition. This will be routed through Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI). The MNCs and Corporates have got such influence on the BJP Government, so that  within one year, the BJP was compelled to completely change its line of opposing the FDI in multi-brand retail and surrendered to the dictates of the powerful lobbies. This decision will result in the MNC giants like Walmart, Carrefour etc. to capture the Indian retail market, thus destroying lakhs and crores of small shop-keepers.

Welcome to Indian Nationality – Exchange of land between India and Bangladesh on midnight of 31st July – 1st August 2015


The India-Bangladesh land transfer agreement will come into effect by midnight of 31st July – 1st August 2015, when the land enclaves of the countries will be exchanged, with the option for the people in these enclaves to remain in India or Bangladesh.

The two countries will exchange  162 enclaves, whose 50,000-odd people will get a nationality status, which they have been missing for all these times. Although much change may not be thee, it is expected that most of the people in the Indian side will continue to stay here. All of them will be granted Indian Nationality.

Hearty Welcome to all these people who are going to be granted Indian Nationality.


BSNLEU and SNEA (I) To launch joint agitational programme in Kerala circle.


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BSNLEU and SNEA (I) To launch joint agitational programme in Kerala circle. 
BSNLEU and SNEA (I),  Kerala circle unions have decided to launch joint agitational programme in Kerala circle, demanding immediate settlement of the victimisations imposed by the CGM, Kerala,  as well as the settlement of the demands of the contract workers. The decision has been taken in the joint circle executive committee meeting of both BSNLEU and SNEA (I), held on 28-07-2015. The agitational programme is as follows.
(1)  Demonstrations in all SSAs from 03.08.2015.
(2)  Indefinite Hunger Strike in front of CGM Office from 03.08.2015.
(3)  Non-cooperation from 10.08.2015.

CHQ heartily congratulates the Kerala comrades.(BSNLEU Website)

Delhi Government notify “Witness Protection Scheme”



The Kejrival APP Government of Delhi has notified a scheme intended to protect the witnesses. Called “Witness Protection Scheme”, it makes provisions for safeguarding the lives and security to the witnesses, who give evidences and who are targeted by those against whom the evidences are given.

It is to be noted that in the past, many witnesses have been killed by the accused. In the Vyapam Scam alone many people have been killed mysteriously.

The decision of the AAP government is  appreciated.


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