Inhuman Victimisation of contract workers in Hazaribag

BSNL Management in Hazaribag, jharkhand is continuing victimisation of the casual contract workers there. All the 287 workers are kept out of work since July 2013. What is their ‘crime’? They went on strike demanding payment of minimum wage, EPF, ESI etc. as per government notifications and CMD BSNL orders. They were being paid only a fraction of minimum wage. Strike was withdrawn after assurance that orders will be implemented. But what happened is something else. All the 287 workers have been retrenched. No work is being carried out and maintenance is suffering. But the management is continuing its revenge and inhuman victimisation. The case is pending with Dy. Chief Labour Commissioner.
BSNL keeping silence despite the same brought to its notice.
BSNLCCWF Jharkhand Circle is on the move to start agitation on these and other issues.

Convention of BSNLCCWF at Dhanbad

A state level Convention BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Jharkhand was held at Gandhi Sevasadan Dhanbad today, 28 November 2014.
Com. Sudarshan Singh, District President, BSNLCCWF, presided over the meeting. Com.B.Narayan, Vice President, BSNLEU, welcomed all. Com.VAN Namboodiri, All India President, BSNLCCWF, inaugurated the convention. He spoke in detail about the issues of the casual contract labour, strike yesterday, against victimisation and the need to strengthen the organisation. Comrades Naresh Lal, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, Sudama Pal Circle Secretary BSNLCCWF, BN Singh, DS AIBDPA, Jameel Akthar BSNLCCFW and other comrades spoke. The doubts raised by the workers were answered by Com.Namboodiri.
Jharkhand Casual Contract Workers Federation has conducted many struggles in the past and achieved gains. At the same time, union leaders were victimised both in Jamshedpur, Dhanbad and Hazaribag. BSNLCCWF has taken up the case with C.O.

Rs. 142 crore for Advertisement for Birthday/ Death Anniversary by Central Govt.

How much Central Government is spending for advertisement in papers on birth and death anniversaries of leaders? It is a whooping Rs.142 ctores in the 5 years during 2008-2013. Cabinet Secretary Ajit Kumar Seth has given the information. For Gandhiji, Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi alone, Rs. 53 crore has been spent.
Now BJP government is examining to reduce the advertisement for birth/ death anniversaries of Father of the Nation.
Good! Unnecessary expenditure is certainly to be avoided. But whether the present decision is politically motivated since almost all the leaders whose anniversaries are being advertised are Congress leaders?

Discussion with Casual Contract workers in Jharkhand

After reaching Dhanbad,along with Coms.Naresh Lal, Circle Secretary, B.Narayan, Vice President BSNLEU and Sudama Pal, Circle Secretary BSNLCCWF I met the large number of casual contract workers who have come from the SSAs in Jharkhand and discussed with them about the problems they are facing. While improvements have taken place, many issues are still to be settled. Minimum wage, EPF / ESI are yet to be implemented in some SSAs.
But the major issue is retrenchment. Where struggles have taken place and demands achieved, workers have been retrenched and victimised. Jamshedpur and Hazaribad are examples. All the casual/ contract workers have been retrenched at Hazaribad. Many have been retrenched and transferred in Jamshedpur. BSNLEU Dist. Secretary also has been victimised for supporting the BSNLCCWF.
We heard the reports and assured that all these cases will be taken by both BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF. The workers are ready to continue their struggle and strengthen the organisation.
A meeting is also fixed in the evening today.

Towards Dhanbad

I am on the way to Dhanbad. A State level Convention of  BSNL Casual and Contract workers is being held there tomorrow, 28 November 2014. A good number of comrades will be participating. The workers are determined to put an end to the brutal exploitation continuing for decades. It is a shame on each and every one in BSNL that in this PSU such ecploitation is taking place. Those who protest and demand implementation of goverment orders and CMD BSNL instructions are victimised and put out job.
This injustice has to end.

One Day Strike on 27 November a Big Success

The one day strike on 27 November is a great success with maximum participation. BSNL Non- Executive employees and casual / contract workers have jointly shown that the management can not ignore the reasonable demands of workers.

Hearty Congratulations and Warm Greetings to all who made the strike a historical success.

5.5 lakh Schools have no electricity, 2.03 lakh Schools have no Toilets after 67 years of Independence


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HRD Minister Smt. Smriti Irani has stated in the Parliament on 26th November 2014 that ” 2.03 lakh government Schools lack toilet facilities, 54,533 have do not have drinking water and 5.57 lakh do not have electricity connection”.

The number might be much more, since many state governments may not be giving the correct picture to justify themselves.

It is more than 67 years after India got Independence from the British. But even after 67 years, this is the pitiable condition of the government schools where our future generation have to educate themselves. It is no surprise that many people who want their children to study in government schools are compelled to send them to private schools, paying hefty fees and incurring other extra expenditure. Many governments are purposely neglecting their own schools, delaying funds and not equipping them with even minimum requirements. It is, in fact, helping the private schools in this way. The Congress/UPA and BJP/NDA governments, which ruled the country for all these years, should be made to answer for the neglect of the government schools.

The latest news is the statement the Minister of State, HRD, Shri Upendra Kushwaha that there are vacancies of 7,556 posts of teachers unfilled in the 1,102 Kendriya vidyalayas in the country.

Shame to the Government! What are you doing for the lakhs of children, the future citizens of  the country, who want to study and learn!  Is there no ‘Achha Din’ fir the future generations?

Publish the List of Black Money Accounts, Mr. Jaitley!



The Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley has stated in the Parliament that it has tracked down 427 foreign accounts in HSBC in  Geneva and that 250 account holders out of them have admitted that they have accounts. Well!

What is the need of keeping these account holders name secret? Is it to give time to them to withdraw the amount and put it in some other foreign banks? Or is it to give them time to shift themselves to other countries so that they can escape?

As Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley should immediately publish the name of the holders of black money accounts and expose them before the public. These are not ordinary or common people, but who have made illegal money. Bring them to  justice!

Government Gifts Rs. 18,000 crore to Shell and Rs. 3,200 crore to Vodafone


The soft corner of the NDA government for the corporates ad MNCs are now an open chapter. The government has now decided not to go on appeal against the decision of the Mumbai High Court cancelling the Income Tax demand of the government on Shell for Rs.18,000 crore and on Vodafone for Rs. 3,200 crore towards transfer pricing cases. The justification for not going on appeal is on the plea that it will give a wrong signal to the foreign investors and corporates.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitely’s statement is that  “Unsustainable demands won’t get you taxes”, meaning that the tax demand is not justified. He continued stating that ” They would have only earned us a bad name as an investment destination.” So, to get a good name from the foreign investors, the government is prepared to forego its valuable tax money.

It is not the due tax from Vodafone and Shell that will be lost. It is stated that  there are 20 more such tax cases and if all those cases are let of, the government will be losing lakhs of crores of rupees. These companies include IBM, Nokia, Cairn etc.

It is the same government which gifts lakhs of crores of rupees to the MNCs and corporates that refuses to honour its commitments to the telecom PSU, BSNL, to refund its spectrum charges, licence fee etc.

Hugh Bonanza to the corporates and no support to PSUs! This is the NDA/BJP Government! Of course it is Achha Din for the Big business and Bura Din for the people and their democratic institutions!


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